He may love you. He probably does. He probably thinks about you all the time. But that isn’t what matters. What matters is what he’s doing about it, and what he’s doing about it is nothing. And if he’s doing nothing, you most certainly shouldn’t do anything. You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.
I was blind. Yes, I loved you, once. At that point I would’ve destroyed every blocking view or taken you to whole different country with a different timezone just so you could see the sunrise. I was absolutely and utterly in love with you. It hurt, but it was beautiful. It really was. Somehow, it was like you had compelled me and I ripped my heart out with absolutely no hesitation. It hurt, but it felt good to feel something. It really did. I think I was in love with the feelings you gave me, as well as you. I think that was the only good thing that came out of me falling in love with you; feeling something. I want everything back. I want that sweater you took from me and all those witty notes. I want everything I told you back. I need my soul back, my whole being back. ‘Cause now I’ve been feeling nothing but emptiness; I never thought it could get even worse than the way it was before I had met you. You’re a different person now. Or maybe I only had a fault image of you. I miss that fault image I had of you. But goddamn it, you really meant a lot to me, you know that? I really would’ve done anything for you. I kinda miss that too, despite how badly it hurt. I think I already mentioned that. I can’t think, you see. I can’t breathe. Sometimes I feel like walking up to you and spitting right at your face for the horrible way you broke that heart of mine that lies right in your hands. And sometimes I wish it could’ve worked out. Or that maybe that fault image I had of you wasn’t so fault.
So long goodbye - n.h.s [percussionhearts] (via percussionhearts)